Since the popularity of cross platform mobile app development has been increasing with a fast pace. Developers also have an option to use Flutter for cross-platform app development for better performance. Lets’ know about the flutter for cross-platform app development in detail as follows:

What is Flutter and Why Was It Developed?

Flutter is an SDK (software development kit) for mobile apps. It is developed by Google to build mobile applications needed for major app development platforms like iOS, Android, etc.

Nowadays, flutter has been using to establish a new platform known as Fuchsia; Google builds that.

Flutter is an open-source framework. It is free to use. It offers a whole package of development widgets, frameworks, and tools. With a flutter, mobile app developers are getting a better experience as it is flawless and easier to process.

The fact, flutter for cross-platform app development is a new tool. So many big companies like Alibaba, Tencent and Laganmala are using Flutter. Since December 2018, After that Flutter has been proving its significance in creating native-looking apps on iOS and Android by using the same code base.

In addition, the famous search engine Google is using Flutter in the app famous as ‘Google Ads’.

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6 significant facts about Flutter
  1. Reactive programming is a base of flutter architecture.
  2. Flutter uses C++ rendering engine.
  3. It is free to use and an open-source platform.
  4. It follows specific guidelines, being having enriched UI elements.
  5. The Flutter was developed by using an object-oriented programming language, known as Dart.
  6. React Native App development is the main competitor of Flutter
What has Google done for Flutter?
  • Flutter supports for charts, ads, and also for online video.
  • It fixes errors and bugs.
  • In Flutter we have a massive number of Firebase APIs.
  • It supports app development on Windows.
  • It offers a tool for Android Studio and Visual Studio Code.
  • Flutter supports key parts of the engine to improve performance.
  • It supports internationalization and accessibility.
  • Flutter offers engaging documentation.

Moreover, with SDK, mobile app developers can able to develop 2D mobile apps. In addition, they can create feature-rich apps that are supporting cameras, geo-location, and storage. Additionally, flutter is perfect for developing top-notch branded designs or stock apps.

Why contact us for Flutter mobile app development?
  • Flutter offers faster prototyping: Flutter helps the developers to make amendments to the code in real-time, instead of restarting the app.
  • The Flutter orovides lesser coding: No need of JavaScript bridge in Flutter means an enhancement in entire performance and also in the startup time of the app.
  • In Flutter we have widgets: Flutter provides a wide variety of widgets. With it, developers can create intricate customized widgets.
  • Flutter is suitable for MVP: Flutter mobile app development, apps look native on iOS and Android platforms. It offers business firms to exhibit their goods and services to investors in a short span that is not possible in other cases.

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