Bytelogic Technologies provides Online Test Software Which has all the functionalities to manage students, Examination and their Section. Easily student registration with student Dashboard. This online test software contains modules to manage Exam with customize timer, Exam sections and their questions , students with their basic information. In this online test software we are providing demo exams functionality to non registered students for demo purpose. Student can test his self by giving various examination which is assigned by system admin. He will be able to view his score right after submitting the exam. He can view previous exams report also.

* This online test Software Supports Hindi Fonts (हिंदी फॉन्ट )

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Exam & Section Student Registration Student Information Student DashBoard
Customize Timer Mathematical Operation Question Import via Word File Report
Guest Demo Unlimited Exams Unlimited Students क ख ग Hindi Fonts Support
Option Flexibility     Image Support for Graph & Reasoning MS Word file base